OCD-Studios is a company that helps out companies that can’t afford the cost of high design prices. Send us an email and we can identify what your needs are. Whether you are a start up company or a company that has been in business for many years, here at OCD-Studios, we can reach the target demographics of your product or event that your looking to market. We will place any sponsors that help your cause or benefits go on the advertisement.

Your Company may need:

1. Custom logo design;

2. Custom Poster and/or Post cards to advertise your product(s) or event(s)

3. Custom website with blog

4. DropBox with your Project files

We are pleased to let you know our prices. We don’t charge anything over $250.00, but it also depends on the project you require. To determine the value of your project, we need to :

• discuss what your needs are,

• know what kind of design(s) you want

• identify what message you want to get across to your audience,

• establish a timeline to get everything done.

So my fee is simple. Once we have established the concepts, I will send you a contract. Then you send me a quarter of the payment along with the signed contract to get started. Or the whole amount if you wish, whichever you prefer. I will then send you an invoice of what has been paid or what is still owed. To make things easy, please send Post Office MONEY ORDERS or you have an option of using Paypal to send your payment. Which will have to be set up, and then ready to make payment. Money Order are payable to:

Charles Spady - 218 South Vine Street Wichita KS 67213

See Rates for Addistional Infomation and Design Packages

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