Poster/Brochures: When you need Professional Advertising for any purpose, for marketing and advertising materials to published works, OCD Studios will help you. Our talented team can bring your concepts to life with amazing compositions that work for a wide variety of materials.
posters get the eyes to following.

Poster Design get your message across to your audience on up coming events or show,  dependingon the type of  the design that is to sale to your customer eyes.

Brochures are creative on the levels of pages and material the client want to add. We set up the brochure to a 4-to 8 pages templete inside and outside. Cover and back Cover with Information for your website or company logo.

Poster Size

Full or B/W color design – $70………$100 spec ready for printer with bleed, includes 5 Revisions, Print Ready Files in Droxbox set-up , Sample Layouts Depending On the Size 11×17 18×24 22×28


Brochure  (Anysize)
4- color set up with Bleed off the page. – includes 5 Revisions Full design and set up to respond card. Client will get a PDF for proof and one printed copy of the job detail in Droxbox set-up.

         ITLA-Poster Vertical_Brochure_Sample

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